We believe a website should be simple. You have a message and you wish to share it with the world. Why yell, scream and badger your message in a cave where it echos? The only person getting your pitch is yourself. Similarly, a website should not be a loudspeaker blasting into a room. Websites should be simple, effective and convey the most meaning in the least amount of words. At Pine Web Design, we create more with less.

Hand in hand with simplicity, websites should be elegant. The use of blank space, coordinated color palettes and a large number of photos adds to the overall impact of a website. When a customer sees your site, it won't look like ever other site. It will be individual, standing out from the pack. When those design principles come together, ellegance is achieved.



Pine Web Design believes all websites should be fast. Fast means attention is grabbed. Fast means your customers will not leave your page. Using the best design principals of minimal code, the web designer uses compressed files, optimized images for better loading, and the strict notion of resourse allocation - if it does not need to be loaded, then why bother? We use online site metrics to gauge the performance of every page for every site we build. We gaurantee your site will score a 90 or above in Google's Page Speed Insights.


The world of web design is filled with many buzzwords. You may have heard of one thats thrown around a lot - its "responsive" design.
Responsive design, in a nutshell, is a fancy way to say your site is optimized for any screen . Be it a laptop, an iPad, or more commonly-mobile phones, you need a website that will display correctly on each device.

Responsive Design Example
Hello, this in an example of your website. Resize the box to see "responsive design" in action.
Here is a menu
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3


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